LIUNA Local 183


ANO DE 2017
LIUNA Local 183 is the largest Construction Local Union in North America.
Founded in 1952 by the first member, Brother Gerry Gallagher, LIUNA Local 183’s mandate was to insure the safety of workers toiling for the Provincial Hydro Commission.
With little more than 400 members in their first year, LiUNA Local 183 has grown to now represent more than 52,000 construction workers and their families in the Greater Toronto Area. The members work in every aspect of the construction industry including; residential, sewer and water main, road construction, bridge building, pipeline, railroads and utilities to name a few. LiUNA have helped make this strong province the vibrant and beautiful place that we all call home.
Like the Cultural Mosaic that Toronto has become internationally known for, LiUNA Local 183 gains strength from each new member from any ethnic community which allows them to grow in industries that are sometimes specific to one ethnic community. Specifically, the construction industry has traditionally relied heavily on immigrants for labour and LiUNA Local 183 has a long history of welcoming and protecting immigrant workers. With each new wave of immigration, the make up of their membership has changed.
Safety for all workers is a prime concern of LiUNA Local 183. They are very active in the promotion of safe work practices in the construction industry. They do this through their lobbying efforts both at the Provincial and Federal Government levels.
Training is one of LiUNA Local 183’s great strengths. The members receive the most up to date and comprehensive training with a focus on the skills that are in the most demand.
The Labourers’, like the immigrants that they have welcomed and represented since their beginnings in 1952, will be legitimized and recognized for their contributions to the Construction Industry and society at large. LiUNA Local 183 supports and sponsors many charities, fund raising initiatives and social events throughout the year.  Many are representative of an ethnic group who comprise a strong base within LiUNA Local 183. Their goal is to maintain a constant view on, and participation in, each community so that LiUNA Local 183 is better able serve the needs of each group.