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The House of the Azores Bermuda was founded on March 10, 2015, with the initial designation Friends of the House of the Azores Bermuda Ltd. Its objectives are the promotion and preservation of the heritage of the Azores and culture in Bermuda, the preservation of the history of the Azores and the contribution of Azoreans and descendants in Bermuda.
We promote and carry out activities that celebrate Azorean culture and promote its history with the Bermudian community, so that it can understand who we are, where we came from and the contributions made by our ancestors in Bermuda since the mid-nineteenth century. Furthermore, since we understand that the Azorean community is a small part of the people of Bermuda, we also aim to support local charities that benefit all Bermudians regardless of their family background.


Andrea Moniz-DeSouza


Lucia Botelho

Americo Vieira


Christine Francisco


Cidalia Cordeiro


Antonio Cabral


Maria Cabral


Gervasio Pontes


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