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Localização1136 College Street, Toronto ON M6H 1B6 Canadá - Ontário Telefone+1 416 603 2900

The House of Azores of Ontario is a non-profit, independent organization that is not affiliated with any political party. Its patron, the Divine Holy Spirit, is celebrated and honored every year for a week. These celebratory events are organized by elected “mordomos.”(stewards) It was in 1985 that a group of 12 Azoreans established the House of Azores of Toronto at Dundas Street. Its first President was a “Graciosense”(a person from the island of Graciosa), Mr. Eovaldo Moniz.

However, the establishment of an association with an administration and executive bodies elected by members only happened in 1994. It was at that time that the House moved to a new head-office, also at Dundas Street, an area that was and continues to be inhabited by Azorean immigrants.

In October of the same year, the House organized its first event, a cultural weekend, which included speeches, Azorean craftwork expositions and musical evenings attended by the then President of the Regional Government of the Azores, Dr. MotaAmaral, and the Vice-President of the House of Azores of Lisbon, Luísa Costa. At that time, the cultural section of the House of Azores of Ontario was established and it has, since then, organized the Azorean Cultural Week every year.

In 1997, a student exchange program led to the establishment of the first “tuna” at the University of York, in the city of Toronto. The tuna was “baptized” by the then Rector of the University of the Azores, Vasco Garcia,

In 2005, the General Assembly approved the alteration of the name of the House of Azores of Toronto to the House of Azores of Ontario in order to facilitate the procurement of funds from the Provincial Government.

From that time onwards the dream of securing a head-office became a central concern. A committee for canvassing the necessary funds for the purchase of a building was thus established.

At the beginning of 2007, the purchase of the building took place and, in November, Carlos Botelho, the current President of the General Assembly, witnessed his dream come true as he inaugurated the new head-office. This undertaking was made possible by the voluntary help of various members and friends that contributed with work and resources, rapidly building the House.
It was a great achievement for the community in general, which felt honored when the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, Carlos César, inaugurated the House of Azores of Ontario.
In 2008, the House of Azores of Ontario hosted, and presided over, the XI World Council of the Houses of the Azores.



Gilberto Sousa


Liberal Soares


Emanuel Soares


Larry Simões


Leo Raposo


Américo do Rego


Manuel B. Raposo


Augusto Pombeiro


Joe Pimentel


Eovolado Moniz


Daniel Moniz


Manuel Moniz


Alberto Menezes


Agostinho Melo


Rui Melo


Rogério Melo


Liberal Medeiros


António Medeiros


Domingos Medeiros


António Maia


António Linhares


José Lima


António Freitas


Isaura Ferreira


José Ferreira


Walter Fernandes


João de Oliveira


Juvenal Sousa


João Manuel de Jesus


João de Freitas


Tadeu Rocha


Manuel Couto


Victor Couto


Humberto Costa


Miguel Correia


João Cabral


Berino Cabral


Manuel Augusto


Isac Amaral


Roberto Amaral


Simão Amaral


Arnaldo Amaral


José Amaral




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