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Alzira Maria Serpa Silva


YEAR OF 2006

Born in Horta, Alzira Silva holds a bachelor’s degree in Germanic Philology from the University of Lisbon and apostgraduate degree in Culture and Communication and in Intercultural Relations. She was a secondary school teacher and later a journalist at RTP-Açores.
She was the director of the Office forEmigration and Support to Azorean Communities (1997-1998) and was the Regional Director for Communities of the Government of the Azores from May 1998 until January 2009, representing the Autonomous Region of the Azores at the Interministerial Commission forMigration and Portuguese Communities (1997-2009) and at the Advisory Council for Immigration Affairs (2004-2009).
Among other positions that she held, Alzira Silva was also an MP from the electoral district of Faial at the Legislative Assembly of the Azores. She is currently an advisor to the President of the Legislative Assembly of the Azores.