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Rui Medeiros Silva


YEAR OF 2013

Rui Medeiros Silva is aresearcher and university professor who wasborn in Fajã de Baixo on the island of São Miguel, Azores, on November 12, 1965.

He holds a PhD from the Porto School of Medicine (2002, Theme: Prostate Cancer), an aggregation degreefrom the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (2006, Theme: Ovarian Cancer), a Master’s in Oncobiologyfrom the Porto School of Medicine (1995 Theme: Viruses and Cancer) and an undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Porto Faculty of Pharmacy (1992).

He attended high school at the DomingosRebeloSecondary School, middle schoolat the Roberto Ivens Preparatory School and primary education at the Fajã de CimaElementary School. He was a basketball player, being repeatedly called for the island team of São Miguel for the regional championships. He was also a student at the Ponta Delgada Sailing School.

He is a son, brother, nephew and grandson of emigrants living in the United States of America (Danbury, Connecticut,and Fall River, Massachusetts), Canada (Toronto and Hamilton) and Brazil (São Paulo).

He is currently anInvited Associate Professor with Aggregation at the University of Porto in the area of Molecular Medicine and Oncology, teaching the courses of Pharmacogenomics and Molecular Epidemiology. Since 2006, he hasbeen a member of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese League Against Cancer – North Regional Center and the Director of the Research Department of the Portuguese League Against Cancer.

Since 1998, hehas been a researcher and advisor/senior health technician at the Virology Department of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto and at the Molecular Oncology Group of the same Institute.

Since 2005, he has been the supervisor of several PhD and Master’s dissertations at different Universities. He is the author of multiple scientific articles published in international magazines (n=153), ( and (Dr.Rui Medeiros, PhD, Professor – Google Scholar Citations).

He is a member of the Editorial Board and/or Guest Reviewer of different international journals.